"Winter Music"

Welcome to the Bonus Features Page for "The Singing House" e-book.  Over the next few weeks, and on the next few pages, I will be adding various features that link to the story.  Sometimes, we'll look at a location for the story. I hope in late spring or early summer to include video interviews with singers and musicians who have performed the great works that drive the narrative. There are a lot of snowy, European opera-house settings - in wintry Milan, Vienna, even Venice. On these wintry weeks in the UK, here, below is a 2 minute video, 'prelude.'

"Winter Music" is the title of the screen adaptation of "The Singing House." The story opens as Rose rushes through a rare London snow to purchase a wedding dress. It is the night before her wedding and she forgot this little detail....As she passes in front of the Royal Opera House, an eccentric stranger steps out and offers her a ticket to "Tristan und Isolde". She accepts and her life changes forever. Here is my amateur video of what that moment might have looked like to Rose. With thanks to the Columbia University Orchestra for the soundtrack.


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